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Touch Technology Projected Capacitive (P-Cap)

ith the recent explosion in popularity of smart phones, projected capacitive touch has becoe a top notch touch technology. Projected capacitive technologies detect touch by measuring the capacitance at each addressable electrode. When a finger or a conductive stylus is near the electrode. This change in capacitance can be measured by the electronics and then convertered into X. Y locations that the system can use to detect touch.

Touch Technology Projected Infrared (PIT)

Projected Infrared Technology (PIT) is an enhanced type of infrared multi-touch technology. The infrared beams generated by emission diodes situates below the glass surface are reflected through a prism light-guid and transmitted across the front glass surface. The result is a near flat surface with a 2mm crystal border edge bezel surrounding the screen. Its entire touch surface can be made of any material and is touch-operable a the way to the edges. PIT accurately records touch positions and has achieved the windows 8 LOGo certification.

Touch Technology Surface Acoustic Wave

A SAW touch screen detects the touch position through surface acoustic waves in the SAW touch technology, transmitting and receiving transducers are installed in the glass of a SAW touch screen. When an object, such as a finger, comes into contact with the surface, the object absorbs a portion of the waves passing across the surface of the panel. The resulted change in ultrasonic wave frequency will be detected and the coordinates are calculated. As a leading provider of SAW touch solution, General Touch has numerous patents of SAW technology. With more than 15 years experience in SAW innovation, our SAW touchscreens are highly developed. We provide a 5-year warrenty for general industries and 10-year warrantty for some particular industries.

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